Black Bear Attacks Bow Hunter: Actually Not Good.

So I’ve watched this video like 6 times now and It raises a lot of questions. Right off the bat, we see this guy is using a swaggy recurve bow, which tells me he is an experienced archery hunter. This is a cool move. A lot of people are watching this video and asking, “What is this idiot doing hunting Black Bears with a bow and arrow?” Well folks, this is something that can certainly be accomplished. Although I would not recommend doing it A) on the ground and B) with a recurve bow, bear hunting with a bow is actually really popular. Obviously with a bow you need to get much closer to your target, which seems bad when you’re targeting bears. This is true. Bears are big and fast and strong and can kill you, but if you know what you’re doing you can absolutely kill the bear first. I see this shit and surprisingly come away thinking this guy 1000% knew what he was getting into. I don’t think he had a sidearm on him, because if he did he most definitely would have used it. Even if he is out here deer/elk hunting, he HAS to know he is in bear country. For him to go out there with no sidearm and only a bow tells me he is just some psycho who aint afraid of no bears.

My next question is why the hell didn’t he at least try to put an arrow in that thing and let it know he’s ready to throw hands? It all happens really fast, but if he’s out there hunting, he knows that bear is coming for a while. He’s locked in, heart racing, pretty much blacked out focused. He has his weapon in his hand and resorts to making noises rather than taking his shot. If he’s out there deer hunting and doesn’t have the appropriate tag/license to take a bear, that’s one thing; But once self defense comes into play, I would’ve put an arrow in that Bear before it got within 15 yards of me. This dude not only elects to hold onto his arrow, but also stays pretty damn calm. He yells and gets big and tries to stand his ground, pretty much up until the last second. That bear gets on him fast and then the camera falls to the ground, at which point we can only hear some noises in the background.

I like to imagine this guy went straight karate kid on this bear. Dudes got an Asian/Inuit thing going on, so it’s not too far off to guess he probably has at last a purple belt. He’s out there with his bow and arrow and no pistol because he knows if shit gets real, he’s finna go Mr. Myagi on whoever steps to him. Bear came in and in a blink of an eye, he’s dropping spinning kicks and taking that bitch ass bear to the ground; Hopping on top of it and chopping in the nose until it runs off crying. Everything happens pretty quickly and then our friend picks up his camera and runs off, acting pretty composed for a guy who just threw down with a black bear. In my head, I would also have stayed this calm, but I also am realistic and know I would have done a poop in my panties. This dude just looks in the camera and all he has to say is “Should’ve shot that thing much sooner.” Yes, my good bitch, yes you should have.


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