New York Mets Spring Training Report: March 19th, 2017.

The beauty of spring training baseball is that when the Mets win, it’s easy to get excited. We talk about all of the good things the team did. We can get caught up in who did what, and how it will carry over to the regular season. It’s dope. But when the Mets lose, we need to remember that it’s just spring training and it doesn’t really matter, and we probably weren’t even trying our hardest.

That’s clearly what happened today. The Mets lost to the Marlins this afternoon, 7-5. I actually watched because despite the fake news from all of my haters, I conquered my hangover and had a productive Sunday (I watched sports all day from my bed and ate leftovers, in my bed).

Jacob DeGrom got the start and did not pitch very well. I’m not sitting on my couch writing this right now to talk about negatives, so I will add that his velocity was still 94-96 MPH and his arm did not fall off in the middle of the game, or after, so ultimately today was still a success. Former Mets’ great Matt Den Dekker hit 2 home runs, which is bad because Matt Den Dekker is a scrub that has a weird name, but it’s also okay, because Matt Den Dekker is a scrub that has a weird name. It’s typical spring training shit, and I’m not worried about it.

The Mets’ offense did not produce any runs until the 9th inning, where we managed to put together a few hits from guys who aren’t even on our 40-man roster. Asdrubal “The Ass Man” Cabrera had a few nice swings on some balls early, and also made two barehanded plays at short, reminding us that despite his seemingly out of shape appearance, he is not as bad at defense as he looks. Cespedes had a single on a shot to center field, and Duda went 1-3, continuing his encouraging spring. These are good things.

On a slightly less encouraging note, Jay Bruce was scratched from the lineup a few hours before first pitch with a tight right hip. My many sources are saying that this may have happened while he was taking grounders at first, a feat that requires extreme athleticism. The Mets continue to downplay the idea of Jay Bruce being a legitimate first base option, but I actually don’t hate the idea. It’s always good to have as many injury prone, left handed hitting first baseman as possible, and Jay Bruce would give us two. As for the hip injury, I don’t think we need to worry about it just yet. Jay is probably in the training room with Ray Ramirez this very moment, working on a rehab plan. It’s safe to say he will be back at full health in no time.

Mets play the Tigers tomorrow at 1:05pm. Spring Training is fun, and everything is going to be fine. Have a great night, folks.



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