New York Mets Spring Training Report: March 18th, 2017.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t watch any of this game today. I was too busy suffering from one of my worst hangovers in recent memory. We’re talking crippling headaches, with nausea so bad that the thought of trying to eat made me want to throw up, but I couldn’t even do that because I had already thrown up all the tequila I drank the night before. It sucked and was pretty much a complete waste of a day. But hey, if you want to be a man at night, you’ve got to be a man in the morning. So I sucked it up and did absolutely nothing all day.

Our beloved New York Mets played a spring training game against the Cardinals again, a game in which we ultimately emerged victorious, 5-4. Robert Gsellman got another opportunity to seize the 5th starter spot in our rotation. I’m a pretty big Gsellman guy. I was always aware of what he was doing in the minors the past few years because I like to keep track of the farm system (This is a hobby I developed as a way to distract me from how bad the Mets were for a while), so I wasn’t super surprised when he came up last year and was able to be effective. Gsellman doesn’t have elite stuff like Noah Syndergaard’s fastball, or even Seth Lugo’s curve, but he can still bring the fastball around 94 MPH and he pitches to contact really effectively, which is a nice change of pace in the rotation with all of the power, strikeout arms we have at the top.

Today, he continued his strong spring, giving us five innings of four-hit ball. He gave up one earned run, which puts his ERA at 2.25 for the spring. That’s pretty legit if you ask me. Based on what he showed us last summer and so far this spring I think you have to put him in that 5th spot to start the season. Put Lugo in the bullpen with his power curve and if we need him you can always stretch him out in the minors for a few weeks and then let him get a few starts.

Offensively, we continue to live or die by the home run. This is something that stood true last season, and although I think the addition of a guy like Jose Reyes at the top of the lineup is going to help our ability to produce runs in other ways, I think we are going to hit a ton of home runs again this year. This is a good thing, folks. When you hit a home run, you score points. That is how you win baseball games. Juan Lagares hit his first of the spring, and Kevin Plawecki hit one out as well. I don’t really think Plawecki has a role on this team right now unless he starts the year off in AAA and hits the shit outta the ball, but nonetheless it’s always good to see him hitting with some pop.

Michael Conforto had a triple, and is now hitting .357 for the spring, which is great news. Conforto has played himself into a pretty tight position battle with Jay Bruce for the right field spot, which is the definition of a good problem. This kid is the future, so regardless of the fact that his success sets up a pretty difficult decision for the Mets, we should all be ecstatic that he seems to have remembered that he is in fact, really good at hitting baseballs.

We play the Marlins tomorrow at 1:10pm, and I am optimistic I will be in better shape by then. The regular season is like two weeks away, folks. Let’s go Mets.


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