Jets Plan to Host QB Josh McCown: Why this isn’t the worst idea.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, veteran quarterback Josh McCown is heading to New York to visit with the Jets.

This is good. Josh McCown is an established QB in the NFL who has had success everywhere he’s been. I’m totally super excited about the idea of Josh McCown being the starting QB for the New York Jets.

Now that your lesson is sarcasm is complete, let’s really break this down. Josh McCown is pretty much a worse version of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Remember him? I do. Despite the fact that he showed up to training camp last season with one of the deadliest hair/beard combos of all-time, he fucking sucked this year. I was one of the assholes who truly believed that what we saw from Fitzy the year before was proof that he was going to be good for the rest of his New York Jets career, but obviously that was wrong.

Oh well, I’m over it. But what we went through with Fitzpatrick should be a lesson for Jets brass as they entertain the idea of signing Josh McCown. He is a journeyman QB, except every journey ends with him either getting benched or injured or just continuing to suck, ultimately securing a top draft pick for his team.

If that’s what Maccagnan and the rest of the front office has in mind, I guess I kind of support this move. Let’s go get McCown, tank the season away, and keep building through the draft.

The more important question is what are they going to bake for Josh McCown’s visit? Dont’a Hightower got the cupcake treatment, but obviously that didn’t work out well so we need to change it up. If the Jets are smart and do their research like me, they would know that Josh McCown is from Texas, so it’s fair to assume that a nice fresh corn bread or maybe some biscuits would do the trick. Somebody better step up in that kitchen, because I want that #1 overall pick next year, and we aren’t gonna get there with some half-assed cupcakes.


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